Conférence Internationale FFA 2019


Bernard Delas

Vice-President, ACPR

Bernard Delas is Vice-chairman of the French supervisory authority of the banking and insurance sector (ACPR) since July 2015. As trained economist, he spent most of his professional career in the insurance sector where he started in 1971. Appointed Group CEO of Groupama Insurance in 1995, he joined CNP Assurances in 2001 as Member of the Executive Board and CEO of CNP International. In 2004, he took the lead of Credit Agricole Assurances International then started in 2010 his own strategy consulting company which he ran until July 2015. He is also a member of the Banque de France’s General Council and a member of the High Council for Financial Stability.

Takes part in

25 Oct 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Panel 3 – From low to negative interest rates: How to keep insuring in a sustainable way?

The long-lasting low interest rates’ environment maintained by the ECB may carry negative effects and lead to news risks and vulnerabilities for the EU financial stability. What are the challenges and opportunities for investors and insurers offered by a low interest rate environment?

Chair of the panel